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Looking for a housemate/roommate in Portsmouth - Portsmouth, NH

About Looking for a housemate/roommate in Portsmouth

Previous Entry Looking for a housemate/roommate in Portsmouth Apr. 23rd, 2007 @ 10:39 pm Next Entry
I'm hitting up a few area LJ communities, so apologies if you see this more than once.

Me = 26 year old female professional, working in Portsmouth. I'm currently living up in Maine, but I'm looking to move to Portsmouth within the next few months, and to afford the insane rents down here I'm looking for someone to share a place and expenses with. I'm a good roommate, I can provide references, and I can afford up to $800 per month for my share of the rent and expenses.

I'm mostly looking for someplace IN TOWN or very close to it, preferably with laundry on the premises because I'm really worn out on the laundrimat thing - however, I'd suck it up for the right situation.

I'm low-key, friendly, something of a nerd (albeit not in an anti-social way), and a damn fine cook. I don't have pets, but I'm pet-friendly.

If you know anyone looking for a roommate, or are interested yourself, please comment here or shoot me an email at ravenscanary (at) gmail.com with any questions. If you don't have a place but you're in the same boat, let me know - there's a lot of good 2-bedrooms out there on the market.
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